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Freight Terms:

Freight will be prepaid and allowed by Delray Lighting on any order of standard Delray Lighting products totaling $5,000 or more. Any partial release on orders totaling $5,000 or greater is subject to a 2% processing fee that is to be shipped within the limits of the continental United States. For partial shipments, the total of the partial shipment must be $5,000 or greater to qualify for free freight. Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped ExWorks and customer pays freight. All customers outside of the United States are responsible for any freight, import fees, duties, and applicable taxes, orders are shipped Exworks, Burbank, CA. Crating will be billed to customers if required. 

Any purchase orders that include any of the following products, freight will be ExWorks Delray Lighting, Burbank, CA. Customer pays freight:

Cylindro I, Cylindro II, Cylindro III, Cylindro IV, Uno Circular, Dos Circular, Dos Grande, Sabin Uno/Dos, and Topanga. Regardless of circle size.

Dos Linear Square, Uno Linear Square, Completa Linear Square, and Media Linear Square.

When Delray Lighting bears the cost of shipment, we reserve the right to ship all orders in one complete shipment. Delray Lighting will not be responsible for storage charges or cartage charges beyond the destination address acknowledged by Delray Lighting. All shipments will be made via carrier selected by shipper.

Upon receipt of goods, unpack and inspect shipment immediately. Note any BOL exceptions prior to signing. Claims for shortage and damage must be made within 72 hours of receipt.

Direct Shipments:

Delray Lighting reserves the right to refuse the request of any distributor to make direct shipments of products to any destination outside the regular or assigned sales and service area of the distributor.

Limited LED Warranty

DELRAY LIGHTING (Seller) warrants the LED electronics of the properly installed interior lighting products as listed below free from defects in normal use for a period five (5) from the date of shipment. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of these products. DELRAY LIGHTING will replace or repair at its option any product that is returned that it determines is defective. This limited warranty does not include installation or removal. Defects do not include improper installation or operation of these products. This includes alterations, power surges, voltage irregularities, and overheating due to external situations. To warranty and receive credit for anything that is deemed to be defective, all products must undergo quality inspection prior to determining replacement of warranty. Proper testing of products can take up to four (4) weeks before a determination can be made. THIS EXPRESS WARRANTY STATES THE FULL AND ONLY COMPLETE OBLIGATION OF DELRAY LIGHTING. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE OF ALL OTHER STATUTORY BY OPERATION OF LAW, OR COURSE OF PERFORMANCE ARE GIVEN. THE ABOVE EXPRESS WARRANTY STATES THE FULL AND COMPLETE OBLIGATION OF DELRAY LIGHTING. IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS, FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE TERM OF THE EXPRESSED WARRANTY. THIS COMPANY WILL NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, OR INDIRECT DAMAGES WHETHER ARISING OUT OF CONTRACT, TORT, OR STRICT LIABILITY. THERE IS NO LABOR REIMBURSEMENT AT ANY TIME.